Red Trout, Blue Trout, Green Trout, Brook Trout...

Red Trout, Blue Trout, Green Trout, Brook Trout...-Aces In Action: The Workshop of Artist Craig Tinder
My first real illustration gig was in high school. I met with a local fly fishing shop to illustrate their product catalog in Boise, Idaho. I was 'hooked' and as a consumate trout-bum, I continued to paint and draw trout, salmon, steelhead, and flies for other product catalogs, nature center display signs, and books.
So, as the cold weather settles in at the Aces In Action Workshop, I've been itching to work on a few new projects for 2022. Including some new fly fishing-themed pieces which will include creating a shadow box 'inside' of a canvas print. These will be a very special limited run and will be coming out over the next couple of weeks.
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