Happy Battle of Britain Day~
81 years ago - the 'few' saved a nation in peril. I began this illustration in 2018 with many starts and stops and kept it tucked away until I acquired some Spitfire 'jewelry' to make a relic canvas from. The day...
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James Jabara - An American to Know About
My latest print is finally completed! "America's First Jet Ace" - a tribute to James Jabara of the Korean War. This print was such an inspiration to create as the Korean War (also known as the "Forgotten" Conflict) impacted so...
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P-38 Hydraulic Fluid Tank
P-38 Hydraulic Fluid Tank - found item in Los Angeles, California. This tank is housed behind the pilot seat and was used by the hydraulic system when the emergency hydraulics were selected and the fluid was plumbed into the Cockpit Hand Pump...
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B-25 "Old Glory" Fundraiser
After completing three large-format paintings of the B-25 "Old Glory" to raise funds for her restoration, the auction turned out to be a great success. Not only was the event spared from the washout weather, but our large-format 40"x30" B-25 Mitchell...
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"Operation Vengeance" - Framed Canvas Art with P-38 Lightnings Relic"Old Exterminator" Framed Canvas Art with P-40E Warhawk Relic"Triple Victory" - Framed Canvas Art with F-16 Fighter Relic"Old Glory" Framed Canvas Art with B-25 Mitchell Relic"America's First Jet Ace" - Framed Canvas Art with F-86A Sabre Fighter Relic

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