Goodbye 2021 - Hello 2022
With these uncertain times passing into history, I want to take a moment to thank all of you for supporting my work and continuing on this journey. Many of you have written me personal messages about how my work has connected...
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"High Tailed Lady" Christmas Eve 1944
When I begin an art piece, I start researching for pinnacle moments in time to set the stage for the viewer. As I begin to uncover the layers of history through crew member log books, family stories, or the printed record, I find...
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The Last of the First - Memphis Belle
Growing up as a kid, I had a poster on my bedroom wall of the B-17 Flying Fortress that combined the best of both the artistic and technical sides of the machine. The poster outlined various details of the most...
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Stormy Weather - B-17G Flying Fortress
I just completed the illustration of "Stormy Weather" and received a heartfelt note of approval from the family who commissioned it. Their grandfather served as a crewmember and shared some of his notes from the war which helped set the...
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Custom Aviation Art Illustration by Artist Craig TinderThe Last of the First - Memphis Belle Framed Canvas Art with RelicHigh Tailed Lady - Framed Canvas Art with B-17G RelicTiger I Heavy Tank - Michael Wittmann - Framed Panoramic Print 36" x 12" by Craig TinderOld Exterminator - Framed Canvas Art with Signed Plate by Robert Scott

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