Blueprints and Build Photos for Building a STAR WARS Speederbike (Aratech 74-Z)

Interested in building a Star Wars SpeederBike of your very own? If you have the time and skills for this epic adventure, we can help jumpstart your build process by providing the set of plans we designed when we built ours. When starting on ours, we quickly realized there is no, one single source of plans and each model kit, toy, and movie photo often varied greatly in dimension. To create a respectable representation of this iconic vehicle,  we "averaged" the measurements from the original AMT/ERTL and updated Bandai model kits, along with screen-captured measurements from the movie, "Return of the Jedi".

A chronology of the build process can be found at

The items for sale are a series of digital files 1) Blueprints and 2) 3D Parts Files for you to download in order to begin the building process of your very own STAR WARS Speederbike. This purchase is NOT for actual parts, nor an instructional manual detailing a how-to create every component, but rather a set of digital files you can purchase to assist in the construction project - both the Blueprints and the 3D parts are available for sale.

1) "Blueprints - Digital File Only" includes the following files:

  • 8'x4' Plywood Former Template (Digital) - To create the frame for the hull, provide your own projector and trace the life-size plans onto an 8'x4' sheet of plywood
  • 8'x4' Foam Former Template (Digital) - project this file onto pink builder's foam to create the many lighter "ribs" that create the hull
  • 4'x2' Hard Surface Template (Digital) - project this file onto a sheet of masonite, plywood, or other hard surfaces to make the front fins and foot pedals
  • Basic diagram for Speeder Bike Measurements -provides a schematic 3-view rendering with associated measurements to assist you in fabricating other components such as the handlebars, foot pedals, engine, forks, and a multitude of other details
  • Collection of over 100 photos taken throughout the build process to help use as a reference (All files are included in a single .zip file - you must "unzip" the folder to use the files)

Please note: Although the collection of build photos is of great assistance in building this project, this is considered a "builder's set" of plans as there are NO INSTRUCTIONS that take you step-by-step. This project requires woodworking, fabrication, fiberglassing, and painting skills. Do not underestimate the scope and complexity of this project as it requires intermediate to advanced fabricating and modeling skills. We used many ready-made items such as shower drain pipes, plastic wine glasses, and office chairs to fabricate the engine and control components - much like how the original designers at Lucasfilm used their imagination to create the vehicles of the STARWARS universe.

Tools required: Projector and computer (for tracing these files onto your building materials), skill or scroll saw to cut out intricate pieces, various adhesives, fiberglass and resin, plastic sheeting, and 3D printing for smaller details (optional). 

2) "3D Parts - Digital File Only" includes the following files:

  • 13 separate 3D files to build parts such as: handle bar components, hose fittings, screw heads, control panel/dash details, exhaust, flap hinges, fork centers, gun mount, gun parts, handle covers, seat panel, and turnbuckles.
  • To accommodate the large array of 3D design tools and experience levels on the market, the parts were built using the free online tool - Tinkercad. The files can easily be imported into Tinkercad or simply printed directly from your 3D printer.
  • Note - you must have a 3D printer available to create these parts. Although we don't provide support for 3D printing, there are many resources available online to help with this.


Please note: No refunds are allowed for this purchase. Once the files have been downloaded, they can not be returned.  All files are copyright material by the author. By purchasing, you agree not to transmit, share, sell, or post these files elsewhere. Technical support is not available for this purchase or during the course of your project.

STAR WARS is a registered trademark of Disney/Lucasfilm Ltd.

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