Customer Testimonials

"I recently purchased an original painting from Mr. Tinder to go in my living room, and, I have to say, the gradations and variations he plays with in his abstract art couldn't match my home better! The opposing colors--tones of red on the one side, tones of green on the other--and their gradual shifts in color that meet in the middle on the middle of the canvas suggest a certain harmony and, paradoxically, diversity. It's a great piece, and I'm proud to have it hanging in my home!"
Doug and Sara O.
- Wichita, KS
“I sold my entire collection to Aces In Action and the experience was great! From the first communication to the last, he demonstrated his passion and professionalism. Craig was always accessible, informative, and prompt. From 1st contact to pick up was just over a week with a distance of 400 miles between us. At pick up, he brought all the needed materials and equipment to safely pack up my collection. I intend to use him again. Thanks Craig!
Bruce H.
- Nashville, TN
"Dear Craig, I have received a copy of your magnificent print of a F4U in U.S.S. Bunker Hill (CV-17) colors. It is truly marvelous and will soon find a place in my WAR ROOM in my home!! Best wishes to you and yours and I do hope that I can meet with you soon. ~ Semper Fi,"
Col. James E. Swett
Corsair Ace - U.S.S. Bunker Hill 1945 - Limited Edition Print Collection
"I collect a fair amount of military artwork rendered in all types of mediums, and so I also end up seeing a wide range of quality as well. Much of what is out there is rather mediocre. But every once in a while, as in your case, a true gem of an artist comes along. In my personal experience, both as a collector of military-themed artwork, and as a long-time student of much of the technology of warfare, your aircraft prints are among the very best I have had the good fortune to acquire. The attention to technical detail and the precision of execution with an eye to the rendering of extreme realism, are all aspects that contribute to the overall excellence of your work. Above all, they are simply fascinating and enjoyable to just look at. Thanks for the making these available. A returning patron,"
John O.
- Las Vegas, NV
"My father was an artist (at University of Wisconsin Platteville) for 30 years. Dad loved to use WWII aircraft as a 'topic' for his work. I began 'collecting' Erich Hartmann signed and unsigned prints, books, statues over ten years ago. I have been adding to my collection as nice pieces become available. I look forward to adding your rendition of 'White One' Karaya One to my collection. I found your website to be easy to navigate and very well done. I also had the opportunity to meet 'Pappy' Greg Boyington. Many years ago with my dad at EAA convention in Oshkosh, WI. I have the print by Ficklen signed by he and Boyington as well as personal note to my dad. I treasure this print because of that personal remark. If only The Ace of Aces were alive today, I have little doubt that Bubi would happily sign your beautiful tribute print."
Scott T.
- Cedar Rapids, IA
I have just received the print of the A6M Zero and I just had to write to tell you how impressed I am with it. I have, of course, left good feedback for you but the space for writing a feedback comment isn't big enough to say everything I want to say. I really was stunned by the quality of both the artwork and the printing. I feel as if I can run my fingers over the undulations on the aircraft's panels - the whole thing is so three-dimensional. The print quality is second to none and even the paper seems to glow! There aren't many times in life when you buy something for a very modest amount of money and then find yourself speechless with admiration when it arrives but this is one of those times. Although I am mainly a Zero enthusiast I strongly suspect I am soon to become very interested in your other subjects purely because of the quality. Thanks once again!
Terry S.
- St. Helens, U.K.
"I've been fascinated with World War II aircraft since childhood. I've collected numerous aircraft books and prints, but I have never seen renderings so detailed or colors so vivid. The combination of Craig's talent and the giclee process has produced some of the finest aircraft prints I have seen. I look forward to purchasing more of Craig's work and seeing which aircraft he turns his attention to in the future."
Rick L.
- Baton Rouge, LA
"I am an avid collector of P-51 art and memorabilia, and thrilled with the five Mustang prints I just received! The detail is very realistic and striking, down to individual rivets and fasteners, the characteristic discoloration caused by the exhaust, and even chipped paint near the propeller spinner. The colors are vibrant and these illustrations bring these beautiful aircraft to life. The quality of these prints is first-rate in all respects. I can’t wait to get them framed and hang them in my office! Thanks so much, you have a wonderful skill!"
Barry S.
- Austin, TX
"As a lifelong WWII aviation enthusiast, I can tell you Craig Tinder's work is outstanding! I am very familiar with the aircraft, paint schemes, & aces of the time. Craig's attention to detail & accuracy is fantastic. The prints are beautiful with rich colors & subtle detail that almost jumps out at you from the paper. These prints will make a great addition to any home or office collection, as well as a great gift! I highly recommend them."
Keith R.
- Titusville, FL.
"I received my print of the Spitfire that Craig Tinder has rendered and made available for purchase. The details and scale are amazingly accurate, the colors are bold and reflect what one would expect to see in an in-service Spitfire. A print of this quality deserves to be framed and placed in a prominent place by any aviation enthusiast. I received my print soon after payment and it was well protected for shipping. I most definitely recommend viewing Craig's other artwork, and I am looking forward to his future endeavor into the realm of Air Racing."
Bill C.
- Cheney, WA
"I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how impressed I am with your print 'Yellow 11'. The detail can not be shown by digital photography on the web. It is accurate and the colors are vibrant and bring the thing to life!! Keep up the good work and I look forward to adding more of your prints to my collection. Thanks again for an excellent product!"
Rex G.
- Houston, TX
"Dear Craig, Your picture of the Corsair in full flight is Marvelous! The first time I ever flew a Corsair, I fell in love with it. Your Corsair print gives me the feeling of flying again! ~ Semper Fi,"
Col. Archie G. Donahue
VMF-112 & VMF-451
Corsair Ace - U.S.S. Bunker Hill 1945 - Limited Edition Print Collection
Perfect. Colors are great. I would by from this seller again...for sure.
- momothegreat.
Great seller and wonderful artwork. Quick shipping. AA+++
- walex
An Absolutely Gorgeous piece of artwork ,Thank you very much. AAA+++
- knutz8
As always, great print and quick shipment, many thanks!
- nurdlehead
- sting331159
"I will always buy my aircraft prints here, fantastic ebayer"
- tbrambl8245htx
"Excellent seller! Excellent packing! Serious gentleman!Very recommended! Thanks!"
- 22gct_redbaron
"The print is fantastic, sharp and very detailed. Great Transaction!"
- xcardx
"An outstanding illustration and print. Outstanding service as well. I'll be back"
- cincpoa
"Great print as usual...thanks Craig!!!"
- old_baseball_stuff
"Better than described,buy one and you'll want them all!......excellent!!!!"
- flybaby16sk
"Love the print!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!great shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
- baugus444
"great print, professional first class service"
- flybaby16sk
"The print is awesome, thank you very much, I can't wait to get the rest of them"
- 7lugford
"Incredible detail!!! quick shippment! I NEED MORE!!!!! AAAAAAA++++++++"
- amtrakpaladin
"Great Quality of Print. Better than expected."
- nick76