Collection to Sell?


We BUY, SELL, and TRADE Historical Artifacts and Military Relics from across the U.S and Internationally. We also appraise collections and pay top-dollar for your items.

With Facebook and eBay now restricting the sale of many Military-related items, turn to us - we can appraise what you have and often purchase the collection in a single and fair transaction.

Send Photos or a List

If you have a collection to sell, you can email us photos or a list to

Lists and photos can also be mailed (USPS) to our address: 

14422 Shoreside Way Ste 110-247
Winter Garden, FL 34787

If you have asking prices, please list them. If you do not have an asking price, we price the items according to what we have recently paid for the item or based upon current dealer values. Additionally, please include your zip code when requesting a quote so we can properly figure shipping costs as we are located in the Charlotte, NC area.


As of June 2019, The US Postal Service converted to a more expensive 'dimensional weight' (cost is factored more on size, less on weight) to calculate shipping costs. The US Postal Service (USPS) is still the least expensive option if the shipping box does not exceed 108 inches of girth + length.
To manage shipping costs, make sure to keep the box size under the 108-inch (girth + length) box size. Even going one inch over can double or triple the shipping price!

Example Of Calculating Girth + Length:
If box dimensions are 48L" x 18W" x 12H"
Then Girth + Length = 2x (18+12) + 48 = 108

There are numerous sources for free boxes, especially for retail businesses. The boxes should be in new or excellent condition. But Home Depot and U-Haul sell many sizes of affordable boxes including a 'large packing box' that is perfect for shipping. The cost is about $4 a box and the dimensions come out very close to a perfect 108" (girth + length).

Postal certification and insurance is very affordable and protects you against loss or damage of your parcel and requires us to personally sign for the items to ensure the items arrive as expected.

Drop-Off Delivery

Don't want the hassle of shipping your items to us? If agreed to ahead of time, you can drop off your items at our shop in Winter Garden, FL upon appointment only. If you drop items off, you keep the shipping allowance (i.e., the quote amount does not change). Depending upon the distance, dropping off usually costs significantly less than shipping. Please note that dropped-off collections still go into the inventory queue in the order they were received. They are not inventoried 'on the spot.' Payment is not made at drop off - the items must be inspected to the quote terms and conditions before payment is made.

Collection Pickup

For larger collections, we can travel to offer a full-pickup service. For special cases with a considerable amount of items, we can even bring in additional movers to help offload the collection in a rapid and efficient manner.

Ready to Get Started?

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Aces In Action
Craig Tinder
14422 Shoreside Way Ste 110-247
Winter Garden, FL 34787