Stormy Weather B-17 by artist Craig Tinder
Stormy Weather B-17 by artist Craig Tinder
Stormy Weather B-17 by artist Craig Tinder
Stormy Weather B-17 by artist Craig Tinder
Stormy Weather B-17 by artist Craig Tinder
Stormy Weather B-17 by artist Craig Tinder
Stormy Weather B-17 by artist Craig Tinder

Stormy Weather - Framed Canvas Art with B-17G Relic

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Stormy Weather B-17G by Artist Craig Tinder

This framed, limited edition Canvas Fine Art Print by Artist Craig Tinder illustrates the 11 March 1945 mission of B-17G Flying Fortresses on their way to their target in Hamburg, Germany. 

Each canvas print comes ready to hang with a solid, 2" black stained wood frame and includes an embedded fragment from a B-17G Flying Fortress which is mounted on a beautifully engraved metallic data plate which outlines the details of the print and relic for all viewers to learn about. As an added touch, each framed art piece includes a metallic, Certificate of Authenticity for added provenance and collectibility.

Choose from 2 different canvas sizes:

  • 18" x 12" (45.7 cm x 30.5 cm) Limited to ONLY 30 Prints
  • 30" x 20" (76.2 cm x 45.7 cm) Limited to ONLY 20 Prints

Each Limited Edition Framed Print is hand-crafted by Artist Craig Tinder using the highest quality materials and archival techniques. Each piece of artwork is created on-demand and typically takes 1-2 weeks for delivery.  

About the Print:

11 March 1945 - 33 B-17G Flying Fortresses of the 447th Bomb Group of the U.S. Army 8th Air Force take evasive action on their mission to Hamburg, Germany. Taking off from England at 0920 that morning, the heavy bombers fought their way through the German Luftwaffe only to find the target obscured by heavy cloud cover. Once the bombers discovered a slight clearance in the cloud pattern, they unleashed 78 tons of bombs directly on target. The resulting explosions caused such an upheaval of heat that the remaining cloud cover was entirely dissipated. That day, all 33 aircraft from the 447th Bomb Group returned home.

About the Artifacts:

This B-17G Flying Fortress wing skin originated from was removed from B-17G N722C, known as "Texas Raiders" during a significant wing spar restoration in 2001. This particular artifact originated from the outer wing segment of the port wing.

Craig Tinder has been an aviation artist since 1999 and specializes in rivet-level accuracy. Raised on the fences of the Reno Air Races, Craig has had the opportunity to create illustrations for Medal of Honor Recipients, WWII Aces, as well as the families of veterans looking to commemorate their loved ones.

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"Dear Craig, I have received a copy of your magnificent print of a F4U in U.S.S. Bunker Hill (CV-17) colors. It is truly marvelous and will soon find a place in my WAR ROOM in my home!! Best wishes to you and yours and I do hope that I can meet with you soon. ~ Semper Fi,"

Col. James E. Swett - Medal of Honor Recipient & WW2 Ace - VMF-221 1920-2009Author name

"I collect a fair amount of military artwork rendered in all types of mediums, and so I also end up seeing a wide range of quality as well. Much of what is out there is rather mediocre. But every once in a while, as in your case, a true gem of an artist comes along. In my personal experience, both as a collector of military-themed artwork, and as a long-time student of much of the technology of warfare, your aircraft prints are among the very best I have had the good fortune to acquire. Above all, they are simply fascinating and enjoyable to just look at."

John O.

Las Vegas, NV


"The custom plaques arrived yesterday, not only was the process much faster then I thought it would be, but the plaques look absolutely great! I really love them and I'm sure the rest of my siblings will love them too. Thanks for doing such great work, the plaques will be cherished and appreciated for many years to come.On a slightly different note, I ordered a print of my dad's plane, it should arrive tomorrow, I look forward to seeing it too and am sure it will be every bit as fantastic as the plaques are,

I plan to check out more of your work, maybe there will be other prints I will want as well.

Thanks again for all you have done and continue to do.

Tim L.

Concord, CA


I have just received the print of the A6M Zero and I just had to write to tell you how impressed I am with it. I have, of course, left good feedback for you but the space for writing a feedback comment isn't big enough to say everything I want to say. I really was stunned by the quality of both the artwork and the printing. I feel as if I can run my fingers over the undulations on the aircraft's panels - the whole thing is so three-dimensional. The print quality is second to none and even the paper seems to glow! There aren't many times in life when you buy something for a very modest amount of money and then find yourself speechless with admiration when it arrives but this is one of those times. Although I am mainly a Zero enthusiast I strongly suspect I am soon to become very interested in your other subjects purely because of the quality.

Terry S.

St. Helens, U.K.