Truly, a One-of-a-Kind wall display of a Focke-Wulf 190 FW 190 Instrument Panel.

This 13"x8" Display Panel is the ultimate military and fine art collectible, featuring a fine walnut wood display plaque, and a hand-made, aluminum nameplate, crafted in the style of a 1940's data plate to showcase the pertinent details of the artifact!

This Aces in Action Militaria Display Panel includes: Original right quadrant (upper panel) of an FW-190 Fighter Aircraft. This fragment was discovered at a crash site near Schwerin, Germany and was imported direct.

This item has never been in collector's circulation and is a one of a kind find, including original cockpit paint and rivet detail!

Aluminum Nameplate - A custom-made data plate which proudly displays to observers the origin of the artifact and includes pertinent notes about the artifact.

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