This is a 100% ORIGINAL WW2 German Messerschmitt Bf-109 aluminum Electrical Cap. 

This artifact was discovered near a small, identifiable section of wing root and fuselage near an airfield located near Gumrak, Russia. This artifact exhibits a well preserved amount of original paint (RLM 75). 

The specific recovery site is located just west of the current Volgograd airport. More commonly known as Stalingrad. Although no specific markings from this aircraft have been discovered, there is a strong likelihood this aircraft may have been involved in the 1942-43 Battle of Stalingrad. This is a rare and highly collectible artifact as very few aircraft remnants remain from this battle as local people recycled all German aircraft in order to extract and recycle the metals. 

The larger hulks were swiftly collected to melt them down with only small components being left behind. This item includes an authorized Certificate of Authenticity and outlines all the particular known details about the artifact.

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