Tony Fachet - "Baltimore and Ohio - Early Winter"

ARTIST: Tony Fachet

TYPE: Original Signed Oil on Canvas

SIZE: 18"x24"

DATE: 1972


CONDITION: Excellent, very slight corner fray - due to the age of the painting (see photo)

A wonderful composition of an early winter scene as the Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) GP40 locomotive hauls its load through the leaf-bare trees. This commissioned painting came from a private collection and has never been framed. Fachet's attention to detail draws the viewer in to appreciate the minute details of the subject. 

About Tony Fachet -

Artist Tony Fachet (1945-1998) is a famed 20th Century American artist of Aviation, Automotive, Naval and Train subjects with a unique ability to combine highly realistic depictions with high drama through his use of color and composition. His technical-styled signature has always been a favorite illustration feature amongst his collectors. Tony Fachet was born in Chester, Pennsylvania and was a graduate of St. James High School where he received top honors in Art. His personal interest in trains, ships, aircraft, and automobiles dates back to the age of five, when he first began drawing vehicles in his marble-covered copy book.

Tony studied at the School of Art Instruction in Minneapolis, Minnesota as well as the Washington School of Art in Port Washington, New York. Throughout his career, he had many professional exhibitions including the International Railway Art Exhibition in Boston, Charles Allis Gallery in Milwaukee, Arts International in Alexandria, Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, plus many other prestigious museums and art galleries across the United States. Tony Fachet's original works of art are sought at in galleries and auctions as most of his original works of art were commissioned for many important private collections and commission-based projects.


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