Stud P-40 Warhawk
By Artist, Craig Tinder

Printed on a heavy, matte substrate, this archival art print is fade-resistant with an astonishingly high resolution to bring out rivet-level details.

The 325th Fighter Group, known as the "Checkertails", became a highly combat efficient unit accounting for 27 aces and amassing over 200 enemy victories. Based near the Mediterranean (Tunisia and Italy), the unit adopted a highly visible, yellow and black checker pattern across the tail of their aircraft.

Lt. Col. Robert Baseler would score 6 victories against the Luftwaffe in both P-40s, and P-47s. He named all of his aircraft "Stud" - including "Big STUD" for his P-47 Thunderbolt and "Little STUD" for his P-51 Mustang.

The striking black and red paint scheme of Stud P-40 was actually painted after the aircraft was taken off of combat operations to hassle high-altitude German reconnaissance aircraft.

This fine art print includes an aged background designed from an actual World War II military map. A timeless design for any decor!

This item is printed on demand and typically requires 2-3 day for printing prior to shipment.

About the Artist:

Craig Tinder is an artist/historian specializing in the creation of digital aviation art work and has held a lifelong passion and interest toward history and painting. Craig grew up hanging on the fences at the Reno Air Races which fueled his passion for illustrating his favorite subject matter: WW2 aircraft. As a Loadmaster and restorer on a B-17 Flying Fortress, he understands the intricate details of his pursuits and re-creates one-of-a-kind warbird illustrations for the families of veterans. He has won numerous art shows and has contributed illustrations to a variety of publications and public education displays. Over the years, Craig has amassed a large collection of artifacts, period photos, clothing, weapons, and more, all of which are used as research materials in his paintings. He is an avid collector and serious historian - combined with his artistic talents, he produces exciting and accurate renditions of history. His original and limited-edition print work can be seen in many private collections around the world.

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