By Artist, Heinz Krebs
Limited to 750 prints
Edition #: 85/750

Size: 36" x 27" (91.4 x 68.6 cm)
COA Not Available

Signed by Colonel Jack C. Price, Lt. Colonel Huie H. Lamb Jr., Lt. Captain Harold T. Barnaby, Captain Herbert K. Shope, and Artist Heinz Krebs.

Featuring a group of three North American P-51D Mustangs led by "Big Beautiful Doll" being flown by Col. John Landers in the midst of intercepting a German train carrying parts for Me-262's and Fw-190's, one look tells why this print is considered by many to be Heinz Kreb's best work. Geisers of steam rush out of the .50 caliber bullet holes piercing the locomotive's boiler as the trio screams by less than 100 feet above the target.

This print has been SOLD OUT for years and is only available as a Secondary Market offering.

Never Framed & Stored Flat in Smoke-Free Environment.

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