Zoom "Old Exterminator P-40 Warhawk" - Art Print by Craig Tinder - Aces In Action

"Old Exterminator P-40 Warhawk" - Art Print by Craig Tinder


Old Exterminator P-40 Warhawk
By Artist, Craig Tinder

Printed on a heavy, matte substrate, this archival art print is fade-resistant with an astonishingly high resolution to bring out rivet-level details.

A West Point graduate, Col. Robert Scott would command the 23rd Fighter Group of the 14th Air Force which was formed by General Claire Chennault. The 23rd Fighter Group was formed as a follow-on to Chennault's earlier American Volunteer Group (AVG - or Flying Tigers) to become an actively established and sanctioned military presence in China. In his famous autobiography "God is My Co-Pilot", Col. Scott recounted his personal nomination by Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek as the appointed commander of the 23rd.

Col. Scott flew nearly 400 combat missions, including many in "Old Exterminator" and received 13 confirmed victories, becoming one of the first U.S. combat aces of the war. He would finish the war developing new tactics for aerial rockets barrages and led numerous missions against Japanese shipping and rail targets.

This fine art print includes an aged background designed from an actual World War II military map. A timeless design for any decor!

This item is printed on demand and typically requires 2-3 day for printing prior to shipment.

About the Artist:

Craig Tinder is an artist/historian specializing in the creation of digital aviation art work and has held a lifelong passion and interest toward history and painting. Craig grew up hanging on the fences at the Reno Air Races which fueled his passion for illustrating his favorite subject matter: WW2 aircraft. As a Loadmaster and restorer on a B-17 Flying Fortress, he understands the intricate details of his pursuits and re-creates one-of-a-kind warbird illustrations for the families of veterans. He has won numerous art shows and has contributed illustrations to a variety of publications and public education displays. Over the years, Craig has amassed a large collection of artifacts, period photos, clothing, weapons, and more, all of which are used as research materials in his paintings. He is an avid collector and serious historian - combined with his artistic talents, he produces exciting and accurate renditions of history. His original and limited-edition print work can be seen in many private collections around the world.

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"Old Exterminator P-40 Warhawk" - Art Print by Craig Tinder - Aces In Action

"Old Exterminator P-40 Warhawk" - Art Print by Craig Tinder

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