Original WW2 P-51/P-38 AN/ARA-8 (Antenna Relay) VHF Homing Adapter

A functional and rare component for your collection or P-51/P-38 restoration project. This is component of the AN/ARA-8 VHF homing adapter designed for use in the P-51 Mustang and P-38 Lightning.

This was an early method to keep pilots on course by way of a continuous tone being heard. If the pilot strayed off course, the homing adapter would give a dot-dot-dash or a dash-dot-dot signal indicating for the pilot to veer back to the left or right.


  • This is a very unique and functional WWII collectible which also has current application as a ham radio remote antenna switch, OR for your vintage P-38 or P-51!!. It is very well constructed and fully MFP'ed.
  • Manufacturer date appears to be 1945 at or near the end of the War.
  • This unit tests well with positive relay pull-in at 28 VDC--after 70 years!!!
    Contract No. NOS 78136
  • Makes a great addition to any collection!


  • Condition Rating: ***** (of 5)
  • Previously owned
  • Only items photographed are included with the original item (see photos)


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