"Breaching the Dam"
By Artist, Nicolas Trudgian
Portfolio Edition, Limited to 100 prints
Edition #: 80/100

Size: 33.5" x 23" (85 x 58.4 cm)
Includes the Certificate of Authenticity

Signed by George Chalmers Dfc Dfm, Flight Lieutenant Raymond Grayston, Sergeant Edward Johnson Dfc, Flight Lieutenant Douglas Webb Dfm, Sergeant Dudley Heal, and Artist Nicolas Trudgian.

16 May 1943, a small task force of 19 RAF Lancaster bombers took off from RAF Scrampton to complete a top secret mission of utmost importance. Considered to be an impossible mission, Wing Commander Guy Gibson led the strike force to deliver a blow to the power plants in Westphalia. Using a newly-designed 'Skip Bomb" technology, the Lancasters rolled their payloads into the dams, compromising the structures and not only flooding the towns downstream, but cutting off a vital power supply to many Nazi industrial centers.

One of the most fearless acts in WW2, less than 35 aircrews survived the raid.

Signed by 5 original crew members from that fateful mission, Nicolas Trudgian’s unforgettable artwork has revived the events of that crucial evening and illustrated the significant moments that transpired during the legendary raid against the Mohne dam.

This rare Robert Taylor print is considered to be a centerpiece in the collection of any Lancaster or RAF enthusiast.

This print has been SOLD OUT for years and is ONLY available as a Secondary Market offering.

Never Framed & Stored Flat in Smoke-Free Environment.

About the Artist:

Nicolas Trudgian is one the preeminent aviation artists working today. That Nick has flourished in a field in which "collectors are demanding ever-more accurate and detailed renderings of actual events," speaks volumes about his attention to detail in addition to his tremendous skill with brush and pencil. Considered to be one of the more technical painters, he emerged on the aviation art scene in the late 1980's and is one of the foremost collected artists of our time.

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