"America on the Move"
By Artist, William S. Phillips
Limited to 1500 prints
Edition #: 352/1500

Size: 30" x 24" (76 x 61 cm)
COA Not Available

Signed by Artist William S. Phillips.

With the sun starting to set just beyond the horizon, U.S.S. “America” launches a variety of A-4s, A-3s, and RA-5s while off the coast of Vietnam. This aircraft carrier was in service during the Vietnam War from 1968-1972. Signed by Artist William S. Phillips, this fine art print is perfect for any aviation enthusiast.

This print has been SOLD OUT for years and is only available as a Secondary Market offering.

Never Framed & Stored Flat in Smoke-Free Environment.

About the Artist:

“Aviation was my first artistic love,” says William S. Phillips, “but my true, enduring love remains my Christian faith, home and family. So it is my pleasure to combine all of it in my work. The historical aviation subjects, I research; the contemporary and nostalgic subjects, I live.”

Phillips grew up loving art but never thought he could make it his livelihood. At college he majored in criminology, and he had been accepted into law school when four of his paintings were sold at an airport restaurant. That was all the incentive he needed to begin his work as a fine art painter.

Bill Phillips is now the aviation artist of choice for many American heroes and the nostalgic landscape artist of choice for many collectors. Bill’s strengths as a landscape painter are what gave him an edge in the aviation field: respect and reverence for a time and place. When one sees his aviation pieces, thoughts are about the courageous individuals who risked their lives for our freedom. In Bill’s nostalgic works, the viewer understands fully what that freedom is... the precious values that make life worth living.

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