Aircraft Model Display Stand (1/48 -1/18 Scale) Brushed Aluminum/Nickel Finish

Finally, a way to display your large scale aircraft models in flight without suspending them from the ceiling or taking up valuable desktop space! The Aircraft Model Display Stand by Aces In Action, allows you to lift your large aircraft models off the table and display them - wheels up, the way they were meant to be displayed - in flight! The pivot mount allows you to display your model in any climbing, diving, or banking orientation!

Made from brushed aluminum/nickel finish components, the display stand includes all of the necessary hardware required to display your model.  

Intended for plastic model aircraft 1/48, 1/32, or 1/18 scale (not recommended for models over 4 lbs, 1.8kg).

Pairs beautifully with the larger 1/48 bomber models (B-17, B-24, B-29, etc) & 1/32 models. However, this display stand really shines with the larger 1/18 scale warbird display models from 21st Century Toys, Ultimate Soldier, Elite Forces, Merit, Trumpeter, and others!

Instructions demonstrate the required tools you need (Power Drill is recommended) to complete the 15-minute mounting process.


  • High-quality Brushed Aluminum and Steel components
  • Stands 14.5" (37 cm) tall
  • Tools required by the customer: Power Drill, Drill Bit, Tape, Scissors, Phillips Screwdriver, Pen
  • Includes all parts including an easy-to-follow instruction sheet
  • Photos depict a 1/18 scale aircraft (21st Century Toys F4U Corsair)
  • Not recommended for the largest 1/18 jet aircraft unless the model is positioned in a safe manner and is not easily bumped.

Note: Model Aircraft are NOT included


The included instructions provide step-by-step details on installing the Aircraft Model Display Stand - which does require drilling holes into the model in order to secure it to the base. Although the instructions clearly outline the process, if you are not comfortable with the process, or permanently drilling holes into your model, please refrain from purchase. However, if you are looking for that unique way to display your large-scale collection, the Aircraft Model Display Stand is for you!

By using this product, the installer assumes and bears the entire risk of loss or destruction of, or damage to the model, whether intentional or unintentional. Aces in Action is not liable for the use or installation of this product and is not responsible for accidents, loss, damage, or destruction of the model by the use of this product. Installers are responsible for providing additional hardware or mechanisms for other types of mounting situations. Not recommended for the JSI 1/18 F-14 Tomcat.

If there is a problem with the shipment, we ask that you kindly contact us directly so we can expedite and resolve the issue


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