1/18 Admiral 21st Century Toys F-86 Sabre Pro Built + Painted + Accessories!

From a private collection; this GIANT 1/18 F-86 Sabre from Admiral/21st Century Toys (Patricia II Paintscheme) was enhanced by a Pro Built Modeller and includes the following upgrades:

  • Custom built pilot seat with belts, hoses, cushions and more!
  • Enhanced cockpit details including 
  • Expertly painted aluminum panels (varying shades)
  • Subtle and well-placed weathering technique (control surface streaks, engine exhaust and more!)
  • Canons redrilled and replaced with aluminum tubing
  • Addition of airbrake details
  • Includes cockpit ladder
  • Includes service ladder
  • Includes 3 sets of wheel chocks
  • See photos for additional enhancements

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