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The design and crafting process is at the heart of what makes Aces In Action artwork so special. Craig Tinder prides himself on handcrafting new and innovative techniques to combine traditional display art with historical relics from the past. Historical relics are procured through reliable, primary sources that can prove provenance and factual evidence to identify them. This ensures that all of our customers can be confident in purchasing these pieces with the highest confidence in authenticity. Additionaly, only the highest quality materials, fasteners, and techniques are used in order to preserve the artifact and artwork for generations to come.

I personally select the most collectible and unique relics with the intent that every piece of artwork that is produced is a treasure to enjoy for a lifetime that can be passed down to future generations.

Quality is always at the forefront of everything that is created. Thank you for stopping by to visit!

Craig Tinder
 Appreciate the art - Learn the story - Feel the history!  

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Inside the Workshop,
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