Meet The Artist

Craig Tinder
Working with Heroes

Craig Tinder is a premier aviation artist who combines rare, historical artifacts with his illustrations. Craig’s love affair with airplanes began while hanging on the fences at the Reno Air Races in the 1970s and 80s. Having an opportunity each year to meet great aviators such as Pappy Boyington, Mike Kawato, and R.A. “Bob” Hoover greatly influenced his interest in the history of military aircraft and the men who flew them.

Craig specializes in combining his highly technical aviation illustrations with engraved data plates and historical relics to create aviation artwork like no other. With a professional background in technical illustration and interface design, he has created artwork in partnership with heroes such as Medal of Honor Recipient Jim Swett, Clarence 'Bud' Anderson, Archie Donahue, Dean Caswell, Chuck Yeager, Robert Wright, and many others. His work can be appreciated in museums, public displays, and private collections around the world.

Artwork that Tells a Story

Craig is a B-17G Flying Fortress Loadmaster with the Commemorative Air Force and has made a staple of illustrating aircraft for the families of American WWII Heroes by piecing together their original war-time photos to recreate the aircraft as a full-color print. "I love to share the stories I've learned while meeting these pilots and families as well as the history that comes along with the relics." It struck Craig like a bolt of lightning one day, that neither his artwork, nor the relics he had amassed, could tell the stories themselves, nor the important history that is paramount for future generations to understand.

A Unique Approach

Craig is best known for combining Authentic Historical Relics with his framed canvas prints. These unique art pieces combine: 1) The Artwork, 2) The Relic, and most importantly, 3) The Story.

"My objective is to find as many historically significant warbird and vehicle components as possible and pair them up with my illustrations to share the history." The vision came full circle when one of his daughters walked into his workshop and took a look at an early prototype of the P-38 Relic Art "Operation Vengeance" and said, "Dad - I can finally understand the importance of why this airplane you talk about is so important - and you didn't have to be there to tell me about it."

Mission Accomplished!

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Appreciate the Art, Learn Their Story, Feel The History

At Aces In Action, Craig still believes in the traditional mantra that the “customer comes first.” He stands behind every product he sells to ensure the utmost satisfaction to his customers.