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Welcome to Aces In Action, the exclusive historical art gallery showcasing the relic art of Craig Tinder, a premier military artist known for illustrating history "In Action". Specializing in original oil paintings, limited edition canvas art prints, and collectible desktop plaques, each piece is meticulously crafted to incorporate authentic relics from historical military events, providing a tangible connection to the past.

Commissioned by museums and treasured by collectors, Craig Tinder’s work combines stories from history with tangible relics embedded onto each canvas. Many of these art pieces grace the walls of museums, airports, memorial sites, and private collections around the globe, inviting viewers to explore and even touch history.

Aces In Action: The Workshop of Artist Craig Tinder
Aces In Action: The Workshop of Artist Craig Tinder
Artwork that Tells a Story

Aces In Action also supports the restoration and preservation of many historic military aircraft. His art has been auctioned at numerous fundraisers to help raise money to restore historic aircraft back to flying condition, such as the B-25 Mitchell WWII Bomber “Old Glory” which crash landed in 2020. He also works closely with families to create commissioned art pieces that honor their veteran family members. Tinder’s passion for military aviation is further fueled by his experience restoring vintage warbirds and being a volunteer crew member with the Commemorative Air Force. Most recently, Tinder designed the Tuskegee Airmen granite memorial in Walterboro, SC, marking a significant contribution to their historical memory and honor. Over the past 20 years, Tinder has worked closely with aviation legends, including World War II Medal of Honor Recipient James E. Swett, Clarence 'Bud' Anderson, Archie Donahue, and Dean Caswell, among others, infusing his art with the spirit and stories of these heroes.

History You Can Feel

Aces In Action is home to an extraordinary assortment of military artifacts from around the world. Among these treasures is the only World War II German Ardie RBZ 250 Dispatch Motorcycle in the western hemisphere, highlighting the gallery’s commitment to bringing rare and historically significant pieces to the public.

Artist, Craig Tinder, standing nextt to the
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Located in the heart of Orlando's bustling tourism district, Aces In Action offers a unique blend of historical depth and artistic innovation just a stone's throw away from major attractions. You can find us off of International Drive, directly across from the Titanic Experience Museum and merely four minutes from Universal Studios Theme Park. This central location makes our gallery a must-visit destination for those looking to explore something unique when visiting the City Beautiful.

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Commissioned by Museums, Treasured by Collectors