Collector's Grade Aluminum Spitfire Model - 1:15 Scale - 30" Wingspan

Crafted by hand in the Netherlands, Authentic Models has created an unprecedented, Limited-Edition Supermarine Spitfire display model - in real aluminum! This model includes eye-popping rivet level detail, retractable landing gear, movable control surfaces, sliding canopy with detailed cockpit, and even comes with a heavy-duty chrome base for in-flight display.


  • Enormous size - with a 30" wingspan, this model is 1/15 scale - much larger than the toy models from 21st Century Toys, Ultimate Soldier, and Elite Force
  • Full aluminum skin - hand-crafted with separate panels + rivet detail! This item is not painted aluminum - the skin IS aluminum!
  • Extremely accurate scale outline to impress the most discriminating collector
  • Spinning propeller & turned aluminum spinner with exquisitely modeled exhaust stacks
  • Highly detailed twin 20mm cannons in the wings
  • Retractable main landing gear, swiveable tailwheel, with rubber tires 
  • Sliding canopy with highly detailed and painted cockpit
  • Rivet-lined aluminum skin - realistic scale size, pattern, and spacing
  • Aluminum skin panels are realistically outlined just like the actual aircraft
  • Realistically covered control surfaces match the ribbed appearance of the real aircraft
  • Highly polished Chrome display stand allows you to lift the aircraft in the air to reduce the desktop footprint and display the model in it's natural element
  • Arrives in a molded shipping crate to protect the model during shipping
  • Includes instruction manual


  • Only items photographed are included with the original item (see photos)
  • This is a new, in box item
  • Condition Rating: ***** (of 5) 

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